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Reader Review: "My Sunshine Away"

by Ms.G (Williamsburg, Va): I thoroughly enjoyed this book and my only criticism is that at time the tangents became distracting and while they did reflect a realistic pattern of delving in to memories I would have preferred if they had been edited. That being said, the story is excellent and their are so many themes that are worthy of discussion that there is no way I can do them justice here. I found the author to be very talented and look forward to his upcoming work. I highly recommend the book and think it would be a particularly good bookclub selection.

Reader Review: "Funny Girl"

by TGould: This well-written novel provides a glimpse into Great Britain during the Beatles era and more specifically during a golden age of British TV comedy. The main character is engaging and likable without being perfect or too sweet. All the characters ring true and are well drawn. On the audio edition, the narrator is excellent, handing the accents and gender roles perfectly.


Reader Review: "Medicine Walk"

by Diane S.: In this heartbreaking story about redemption, forgiveness and past regrets, Wagamese writes a magnificent story. His descriptions of the lives of Franklin, his father and the old man are poignant, at times heartbreaking but show a deep and abiding love that though not always shown, was always there. There are very few characters in this story but the characters that are there are more than enough to fill these pages.

He uses words in a way that few can, his portrayal of the woods, and the trip Franklin undertakes in a last effort, out of duty to a father who was mostly absent, I found beyond compare. My feelings at the end of this book were certainly melancholy but also glad that Franklin had someone who loved him throughout his life. Though this is the first book I have read by this author, it certainly will not be my last.