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Reader Review: "Tuesdays With Morrie"

by Saransh Gautam (India): A beautiful book by Mitch Albom…. The reader feels many emotions while reading this book, ranging from happiness to sadness, and more than likely, will be wiping away tears at the end. It makes the reader think about their own life and ponder aging, forgiveness, family, compassion, and mentors in life, just as Mitch Albom does during the course of the book.

Reader Review: "Fall of Giants"

by Joan (Maple Grove MN): Great review of history. I have read all three of this series and they are so readable you don’t want them to end. It is easy to follow all of the families from the five countries through the whole series. I especially liked the last book because I could actually remember the things happening, but it is a great way to learn history. Ken Follett has a way of bringing history to life!


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