Category: Short Stories

Reader Review: "A Reunion of Ghosts"

by Barbara (Cherry Hill): A Reunion of Ghosts is a novel of wordplay, dark comedy (tragedy, gloom, morbidity) and absurdity mixed with historical fiction. What a zany combination!

A series of coincidences prompts three sisters: Vee, Lady and Delph, the 4th generation of the Alter family, and the great-great granddaughters of Lorenz Otto Alter (roughly based on Fritz Haber, Jewish born, 1918 Nobel prize winner in chemistry who discovered processes to produce poison gas for chemical warfare, synthetic fertilizers and pesticide Zyklon) to join their sister, Vee, in a millennium suicide pact.

Despite the subject matter, the book has plenty of levity and historical facts. Around page 150, gets darker, gloomier, then picks up again, and much later in book some surprises.

Great topics for Bookclub discussions along with interesting characters and clever writing, tragedies of science and the coincidences of the universe.

Despite the core subject matter the book will leave you thinking … chuckling …but not crying.

Reader Review: "The Nightingale"

by Laura (US): I describe this as a great book and I really did like it, but I thought it dragged in parts. The dialog was well written and the French terms and words were translated well, though I do speak French. Very apt descriptions of wartime Europe.


Reader Review: "The Fair Fight"

by Brenda S (Langley, B.C.): The story is told in the voice of a different character for each chapter with one character being of the wealthy elite while another is of the down trodden poor. The author uses great descriptive language to show the disparity between these two classes as well as between the perceived societal mores and the actual mores of each class. For example, men of ‘quality’ don’t always act in a gentlemanly like manner. I mean one of the settings for this novel is a brothel. There is plenty of dirty goings-on, so be prepared for some coarse language as well.

The novel isn’t just about female boxing, but an exploration of finding your identity within your class. I really enjoyed it.